Our Team


organogram-ethiolink2The main asset & most important the reason for our company’s growth are our people. We have a team of 28 people who are highly motivated and dedicated to the mission of the company.

Throughout the years EthioLink has managed to establish an extensive network of long-term business partners both from abroad & locally. Our employees always work in the direction to find the best solutions to our clients’ needs & to meet the requirements of our international suppliers.

One of the most important values for us is to get competitive pricing and supply the goods as quickly as possible. Our eager professionals work hard in order to get the right products at the best possible prices, so as to fit the expectations of local consumers.

Our people have specific expertise in the following fields: international relations, negotiating skills, sales, logistics, legal affairs, finance & accounting. We have a team of experienced marketing professionals who definitely know how to initiate a successful launch and to develop new brands on the Ethiopian market.

All the people at EthioLink work together as a team and this leads to achieving better results both for our company and its partners.