EthioLink Inter Trade PLC was established in 1995 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Today the company is among the leaders in the import and distribution of multinational brands in the East Africa region. The management team has built a company which is a loyal and stable business partner to manufacturers known all over the globe.




Haandtryk (2352951)

For more than 20 years EthioLink is the exclusive agent of Beiersdorf (BDF) East Africa Ltd in Ethiopia. Working in partnership with Beiersdorf, EthioLnik’s team has gained significant experience and knowledge in launching and marketing world-recognized brands such as Nivea.

Led by the aim always to grow and develop in the business, through the years EthioLink’s team keeps adding other brands to the portfolio. Among them are names like HENKEL, Nice & Lovely from L’Oréal, HEINZ, Angel Hair Pieces, BFF, Pielor, Ukip Cosmetics.







In order to meet the market needs and to contribute for better life standard in the region, EthioLink works in cooperation with local organisations and institutions for supply of medical products. In the medical field the company supplies disposables to hospitals and clinics, such as gloves, syringes, needles, catheters and rapid diagnostics tests. The main purposes in this area are to increase quality of health care and prevent infection.










Currently the management team conducts regular market studies in order to better understand the market demand and to meet the expectations of the local consumers by adding new brands and products.